Topps Classic Cakes

Topps Bakery bakes and sells these traditional favorites on a daily basis. Stop in during normal business hours and look for them in the glass display case when you walk in. Our beautifully decorated party cakes are readily available in round form in smaller sizes. Cakes can also be custom ordered in larger sizes to suit any parties and events. Please be kind and order your custom larger cakes a minimum of 24 hours before you need to get them. Fillings and flavors are all listed below for your reference.

Looking for a 100% custom cake, ordered to your full specifications? See our Custom Cakes page and Order today!

Artistry takes time…

Please allow Topps Bakery at Bronxville a minimum of 24 hours to create and deliver your custom order cakes.
We promise you will be rewarded with a delicious item that is sure to please your crowd.
Stock Cake Flavors

[Choose from the following]

Carrot Cake
(finished in cream cheese frosting)
Brownie Cake
(Chocolate cake with fudge)
Strawberry Shortcake
(Whipped cream and luscious fresh strawberries)
Chocolate Mousse
(creamy and dreamy)
Lemon Layer
(Layers of Lemon Cake & Lemon Filling)
Raspberry Chocolate Layer
(Chocolate Cake & raspberry filling)
Cannoli Cake
(with real Cannoli filling)
Lemon Coconut
Raspberry Vanilla Layer
(Vanilla Cake & Raspberry Filling)
German Chocolate
(with its traditional coconut frosting)
Black Forest Cake
(Devils food cake, whipped cream and cherry filling)
Red Velvet
(with Traditional Cream Cheese Frosting)
Lemon Mousse
Vanilla Fudge Layer
(vanilla cake • Fudge filling)
Vanilla Buttercream
Mocha Apricot
Chocolate Fudge Layer
(Chocolate Cake • Fudge filling)
Mocha Fudge
Shadow Layer
(Chocolate Layer Cake with Vanilla Buttercream)
All Fudge
(Fudge filling • Fudge icing)
(Traditional Napoleon Cream filling)

These best-selling cakes can be ordered in the following sizes:
Round Cakes: 6″, 7″, 8″, 9″, 10″  |  Sheet Cake Sizes: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full Sheet


How many people does each cake serve?

Round Cakes: 6″ (4-6), 7″ (6-8), 8″ (8-10), 9″ (10-14), 10″ (15-20)  |  Sheet Cakes: 1/4 (15-20) , 1/2 (25-35), 3/4 (35-55), Full Sheet (55-70)

Topps Bakery at Bronxville is located in Westchester County, Bronxville NY. This 80-year-old establishment caters to the treasured memories of your childhood trips to your local bakery. We offer over 200 carefully crafted items including: specialty cakes, fancy butter cookies, authentic French macarons, pastries, cupcakes, muffins, donuts, traditional holiday cakes and pies, and a plethora of artisanal breads.

Beyond the grab and go bakery items – Topps Bakery at Bronxville also welcomes custom and wholesale orders.

Not sure what to give? A Topps Bakery gift certificate is a sweet gift for any occasion.